Moving Supplies

Coventry Self Storage sells all types of moving supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts and tape. Visit our showroom to see our complete line of moving and packing supplies. Even if you don't have a need for a self storage unit, we can supply you with your moving and packing supplies.

Type Size Description
X-Small Box 12"x12"x12" Collectibles, toys, books, video tapes, video games
Small Box 16"x12"x12" Books, CD's, Baby clothes, toys, photos
Medium Box 18"x18"x16"

Kitchen utensils, plates, glasses

"Our most popular size"

Large Box 24"x18"x18" Pots, pans, toys, clothing, lamp shades
X-Large Box 23"x20"23" Light bulky items like toys, tupperware, comforters, blankets, pillows, clothes, coats
Wardrobe Box Comes with metal bar to make hanging clothes easy
Bubble Wrap Great for fragile items and packing boxes
Styrofoam packing peanuts Great for filling in space in boxes and helps provide extra protection
Paper Pads Perfect for protecting furniture and other items
Mattress covers, Sofa and Chair Covers Heavy duty bags to keep your stuff dust free
Tape and Tape Guns You can never have enough

Cylinder Padlocks

Specifically designed for self storage

Packing Paper

Inkless paper just right for packing your valuables

We have many other moving and packing supplies, including specialty boxes. Stop by our store!